FAQ~~Natural Fabrics And Why We Should Wear Them

*What kind of fabric is muslin?
Muslin is a type of cotton fabric that is known for its lightweight and soft texture. It has a long history that dates back to ancient times. Muslin is believed to have originated in the region now known as Bangladesh, which was historically known as Bengal.
Why is muslin cloth so expensive?
Nearly two hundred years ago it was the most valuable fabric because of its fine and delicate weaving. Mostly light and loosely woven, muslin fabric is a popular choice as a comfortable fabric with an undisputable reputation. Muslin is a cotton fabric of plain weave.

Also in this collection--COTTON-LINEN blend

"The combination of cotton and linen avoids the disadvantages each of the materials has. The softness and smoothness of cotton resolve the roughness and skin friction issues of linen. On the other hand, the lightness of the cotton material is shouldered by the linen's stiffness." ~Yorkshire Fabric Shop

100% RAMIE -history and uses

The RAMIE plant has been cultivated in eastern Asia for fiber since prehistoric times. Ramie fabric was used in ancient Egypt and was known in Europe during the Middle Ages. Ramie fiber, also known as China grass, and ramie fabric, variously known as grass linen, grass cloth, or China linen, have been exported from East Asia to the Western Hemisphere since early in the 18th century, but commercial production of ramie products did not achieve importance in the West until the 1930s.

Why is 100% LINEN so expensive?

"One of the main reasons for the higher cost of linen fabric is the difficulty to harvest. Growing flax plants is not easy at all and is mostly very time-consuming and laborious. From seed to harvest, the time for flax to be ready is about 90 days."~~Son de Flor