FAQ~~Ask Shopkeeper Storm about the BEST wig for YOU

WIGS~~Some things you may not know, or thought you knew. 


FIRST TIME wig shopper? Need assistance, or advice on picking the right wig for YOU? The Shopkeeper--a wig wearer and expert, will recommend the best for YOU, rather than trying to sell you the most expensive wigs in the shop. Email the Shopkeeper for consultation, at:


💃Who's  WIGGING it?

SMART,  busy, WHITE, BROWN BLACK women, CELEBRITIES on and off stage. Gone are the days when wearing a wig was a dirty secret; gone too, are the days and misconceptions that wigs are for BLACK women, people with genetic, chemical, or illness-related hair loss. 




Today, wearing a wig has little, or NOTHING to do with the condition, or length of YOUR own real hair...it's mostly about TIME EFFICIENCY and variety of styles and options. 

❓WHY people WIG it

🔶COMFORT~A friend in Florida has lovely, thick shoulder length hair, but wears short, 6 inch pixie cut, or 8 inch bob wigs to beat the heat & humidity.



 🔶VARIETY~How exciting to have the option of being a blonde, brunette, redhead with long, medium or short hair, in one DAY, or WEEK! 



⏲How long does it take to WIG it?

💥In a flash--as long as it takes to put on a hat, or cap! On days when there's no time to make your gorgeous waist length tress look salon-perfect, put on your favourite wig and GO!🏃‍♀️ Dinner with the Queen in an HOUR? No sweat, WIG it & GO! 🚀


So, who's wigging it? Smart gorgeous babes, like You

💰One of the most important things to consider when buying  wigs is cost. Sure you can buy 4 CHEAP wigs, that'll last 4 months of frequent use, or pay a little MORE, for ONE, or TWO premium, no shed, heat resistant, wig that can be re-styled and last ONE YEAR or more. 


🎗Mind you, CHEAP things invariably, ultimately costs MORE--in🤑 $$ or peace of mind.🤬😭🤯